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 July 19-20 
Long Beach & La Puente 
All teams, the tournament will start on Friday if there are 8 or more teams per division. If not we will start on Saturday. 
 It's still a 4 game guarantee.
Play by the beach! Great weather!

Baseball Forever provides competitive baseball year around. 

Our #1 goal is to keep teams on the field. 
We offer the most affordable leagues and tournaments and awesome awards packages for Champions and Finalists.

Choose from 1, 2 or 3 day events.

Come give us a try or continue to play and grow with us.  Take advantage of the great opportunity we have available to all teams.

Baseball Forever 2024 League and Tournament Format

All of our 1, 2 and 3 day events beginning Jan. 2 , 2022 will be qualifiers that will lead to season playoffs!! 

Champions from each event will advance to the playoffs.

 Finalists from each event will play in the wild card bracket and the winners from there will advance to the playoffs.

The winners of this event will receive a Free berth to our 3rd annual World Series Challenge 2024

We will continue to keep the game competitive and bring all of you teams that support us great baseball experiences year around!!

Thank you.


Herman Baca Jr. 

Baseball Provider 

Baseball Forever ( Founder )

Baseball is my life Life is Baseball 

Keeping the game Alive!!!

All teams win some Benjamin's this weekend @ 
Baseball Forever!!
We're now having a 50/50 raffle at all our events beginning this Presidents weekend!
The more teams & fans that join the bigger the POT!!!!
To enter your team or individuals simply send $50 to our Zelle @ (714) 914-7847 or our Venmo that's located on our website
Thank you to all for the support & good luck!!
Everyone is a winner @ Baseball Forever 
Teams with star (*) have paid their fees and are guaranteed to play.


7u $749 8u $749 9u $799
10u AA $799 11u AA $849
10u Open $799 11u Open $849
12u AA $849 13u AA $899
Commerce Aces
12u Open $849 13u Open $899
14u $899 16u $949 18u $949
OC Aztecs
Schedules are released Thursday evening after 9:30pm


Champions receive 
Free berth Labor Day WS 
Dri fits & Rings 
 3 day tournament 


No new 1hr 30 or 6 innings
No new 1hr 45 or 6 innings
No new 1hr 50 or 7 inning
No new 1hr 50 or 7 innings


These events are already discounted pricing for all teams!!
Game time request are granted when you sign up early. 
We work off a first come first serve basis!


 4 game guarantee 
 Full length games 
 New Baseballs 
 Groomed fields
 Score Keepers provided 
Home run fences & Grass infields at some locations


Champions & Finalists


Herman Baca  
714-914-7847 *  626-474-7713



  1. All teams must check in 1 hour prior to your first game at the park that your first game is at.
  2. You must show copies of your player's birth certificates and your team's proof of insurance at check in.
  3. Baseball Forever has a 0 tolerance policy on manager, coach, and parent behavior. Everyone is expected to conduct themselves with the highest degree of sportsmanship. Any extended verbal abuse, physical abuse or threat of physical abuse of an umpire or tournament official will result in ejection from the park for the weekend and possible suspension from Baseball Forever.
  4. Managers must have control of their coaches, players, ans and themselves at all times.
  5. We are playing at 2024 league ages and the May 1st, 2024 age cutoff. 
  6. DON'T FORGET TO CHECK  IN CASE OF CHANGES! This is your team's responsibility! The schedule given to you at check in is your official schedule.
  7. Brackets may be changed before tournament due to additional teams, team cancellation, rainy weather etc. Brackets will be final 5pm the day before the tournament.
  8. In the event of inclement weather, please call the tournament hotlines at 714-914-7847
  9. Steel cleats in divisions 12u and up are allowed.  No steel cleats on portable pitching mounds. 
  10. Each listed tournament price covers field costs, monitor fees, umpires, supervisor fees, and any other miscellaneous tournament costs